The ‘Iranians’ have gone full “femen” activism now. So it’s not about personal liberty but full blown neo-liberal western degeneracy. Got it
Vincent Capuano
Repeating the mistake of France, 1793--- Making liberty an idol.
They have a chance to do something honorable without going woke like in the west in order for their leaders to be more acceptable ,but they prefer to scandalise
Laura Yunque
Is revolution ever virtuous? A rhetorical question.
Solche Perversen benutzen nur die "deutsche Bühne" als Podium. Die würden nie gegen die Abtreibung demonstrieren, weil es eine Brut Satans ist. Solche Subjekte versuchten auch Russland zu zerstören, und haben mit ihren Kumpels Kreuze mit der Motorsäge umgehauen.
Und solche primitiven Weiber sollen beeindrucken???
And such primitive women are supposed to impress???
So one's flaunting her breasts while another is in full Fauci diaper.... Erm?
Sunamis 49
it is about their oil there,
and they use whatever to start a war there, to enter the country to dig out oil