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Twenty Years Later

Picture: ©, CC BY-ND, #newsCmupawulhn
Jeffrey Ade
What is this place? It used to be a great city!
Wilma Lopez No "Trinity/Triune"; "virtue/holiness", no "God the Eternal Father", no "Mary". It looks like they believe in a strange, non-Catholic "god".
"The Virgin before the Holy Trinity":
That picture might as well be real time and replace synod with Vat2
Wilma Lopez
Some word counts from Working document for Synod:
• "synodal/ity": 147
• "experience": 62
• "listen/ing": 51
• "journey": 37
• "process": 44
• "Jesus/Christ": 15
• "Holy Spirit": 11
• "evangelization": 4
• "worship": 0
• "virtue/holiness": 0
• "Trinity/Triune": 0
I presume the Working document does not mention repentance and penance...