Democrat mega donor Steve Kirsch explains why he’s jumping ship from the Democrat party on Fox with Tucker- “My friends are dying. The most dangerous vaccine ever created by man.”
Laura Yunque
At the very least, Trump could say that he was misinformed or lied to about the jab.... but no. He still pushes it while criticizing Fauci???? Totally wrong here. This doesn't mean he has not done some good things, but his supporters must be honest about the man they are supporting.
To Rand Miller,
President Trump did begin the response to the China Virus. HOWEVER, while supporting the vaccine production, he also strongly encouraged the use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. This information was studiously suppressed by the MSM (that includes Fox) ... Additionally, remember he had turned over the Covid Response team to Pence.
Laura Yunque
He still pushes the jab and even his supporters boo him when he does. Sorry, he does not get a pass on this.
Rand Miller
Kirsch is absolutely right but remember it was Trump who zealously pushed the vaccine and still does.
John A Cassani
This is huge, no? Fox News allowing an anti vaxxer?