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Paris Archbishop Calls Mass “Little Business In The Corner”

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin accused the French bishops of not being able to control their churches, Paris Archbishop Michel Aupetit told (November 17).

While discussing the present French ban on Holy Masses with the bishops, Darmanin presented them with videos showing Catholics without masks at Mass and receiving Communion on the tongue.

Explicitly mentioning the faithful of the Traditional Latin Mass, Aupetit blamed them of causing trouble, and claimed that Communion on the tongue was "invented only" in the sixth century [while the Novus Ordo Church adopted Communion in the hand only fifty years ago].

Aupetit intends resuming Masses on December 1 with a “strict” hygienic protocol - obviously - forbidding Communion on the tongue.

He warned of disobedience and charged “those who do their little business in their corner and prevent all their brothers from being able to attend Mass”. There has not been a single Covid-19 cluster in a French church.

Picture: Michel Aupetit, © François-Régis Salefran , CC BY-SA, #newsUwzybmfhlh

Jeffrey Ade
Should have added and anachronistic "virus deniers!"
Jeffrey Ade
Novus ordo always attacking Catholics. It's the "old theology" don't you know!
It's exactly what we need. In German there are two nice expressions for that
"Die Kirche im Dorf lassen!" (to let the church as the very center in the village) and
Tante Emma Laden (Germany German) and Greislerei (Austrian German) = grocery