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Ave Crux
The problem is the audience is in full agreement applauding these brainwashed school children as though they're paragons of sanity, deep wisdom and idealism....should we be surprised the same adults indoctrinated them? We are now in the land of the body snatchers....
Facts Not Lies
Basically the adults are likely paid (by coercion or cash) to help sell the fear and the kids are either really brainwashed or doing as many of the hitler youth did and are catering to the positive responses.
Facts Not Lies
Send them a free Trudeau Brown shirt and size them up for jackboots!
That moment you realize a 14 year old Joseph Ratzinger might be in the photo.
That's terrifying if unsurprising. Totalitarian regimes always create these mercilous little zealots. Up next... pack the unvaccinated into box cars and send them to camps.
Roberto 55
Poor kids. They must have a very stupid parents - look at the mom... 😷
Louis IX
Hitler Youth redux.
Darby D Dillion
Control the press and indoctrinate the youth.
...and the "young pioneers" in the USSR.