Cardinal Burke: What Are Our Most Important Means Against the Virus?

Cardinal Burke writes in his Holy Week Message, that, since he became a bishop, he didn't experience a single Christmas or Easter which were not overshadowed by a crises or very sad event in his diocese.

A confrere commented on that, “It's Satan, trying to steal your joy." So, Burke isn't surprised that Satan uses the coronavirus to distract us from Holy Week.

He observes that many are hopeless because they think that victory over the coronavirus totally relies on us since they forgot that Christ is in charge. The reason for this: even in the Church, there was a failure "to teach Christ as Lord."

For Burke it is "sad" that even Church documents which purport to address the most important difficulties, don't acknowledge Christ's Lordship and the fact that, thus, "prayer and worship are our first and most important means of combating any evil."


There is no pandemic clown.
True indeed!