EXCLUSIVE: Abortionist Carhart scheduled to stand trial September, 2017

Free speech on display outside Montgomery County, Maryland court house

LeRoy Carhart is scheduled to stand trial in early September, 2017 for medical malpractice related to the injuries sustained by his client in January, 2016.

On January 18, 2016 LeRoy Carhart needed an ambulance transfer for his client who, according to court documents, required extensive surgery after suffering a perforation of the entire right side of her uterine wall, tearing of her right uterine artery, and the loss of her right ovary.

Montgomery County Circuit Court, Rockville, Maryland

At this date the trial judge is indicated to be Judge Julie Rubin. Judge Rubin can be heard here discussing in 2012 court rulings regarding efforts to require pregnancy help centers in Baltimore city to put up signage indicating they do not do abortions or provide birth control. A similar case in Montgomery County, Maryland is also discussed.

Julie Rubin with husband, Jim Astrachan
GloriaTV-Washington, D.C.
@Eva, at this time it is still unknown whether the September, 2017 trial date will go forward. I imagine LeRoy Carhart is seeking every opportunity to settle out of court. I hope this woman finds the firm conviction to move forward and help expose this evil, criminal practice that has plagued the U.S. for decades.
Uncle Joe
Julie Rebecca Rubin is a Democrat associate judge on the 8th Judicial Circuit for Baltimore City in Maryland. She was appointed to the court by Democrat Governor Martin O'Malley on December 28, 2012,

Governor O'Malley, like virtually all other Democrats, is pro-abortion(choice). It seems likely that Julie Rebecca Rubin is also pro-choice although I can find nothing definitive online.
Will there be a jury in September 2017 or this pro-choice judge?
The horrors of abortion need to be exposed. Excellent article. We need to chose between abortion/barbarism and a modern, developed way of life.