The beatification of John Paul I next September will highlight the remarkable record of 20th-century popes. He is one of six (out of nine) popes from the last century whose causes of beatification and canonization have been introduced.

Date for beatification of ‘smiling pope’ John Paul I announced

Vatican City, Dec 23, 2021 / 09:53 am Pope Francis will beatify the “smiling pope” John Paul I on Sept. 4, 2022. Vatican News, the website overseen …
Within the last 1000 years there were almost no saint popes (the rare exceptions are Gregor VII., Coelestin V., PiusV., Pius X.)? But after Vatican II. almost every pope was a saint? - What a happy flock we are in such a flourishing time of the church with only "saint" shepherds, who guide their flock in holyness and clearness!? 🤔 🥴 🤥 🥳
The spirit of Assisi works merrycles, bro. Inviting us to celebrate these holi days.
Rand Miller
Another fake saint in the making.
Angelo Santelli

It is amazing taht this fat screw cannot keep his mouth shut. He is an embarrassment to all peoples.
All conciliar popes are saints because they are conciliar popes. How the qualifications for true sainthood are out the window
Still waiting for the canonization of "blessed" Pius XII. 🥱
Louis IX
Pope Leo XIII?
Alex A
@ Louis I - Yep. Him too.