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Repentance in Lent 2018

A draft pastoral letter for Czech bishops

In this historic year which marks the 100th anniversary of the Czech Republic, we, Czech bishops want to participate effectively in its spiritual growth. We consider it our primary task before God and before the Czech people.

We are in the period of Lent. Therefore, we call on the faithful to use this time for their spiritual renewal by prayer and acts of repentance. After the example of spiritual fathers, we follow an old proverb: “Actions speak louder than words.” In our conscience therefore, we feel bound to set an example for you, our spiritual sons and daughters, by admitting self-critically our own guilt, i.e. by showing repentance. After due consideration and acceptance of painful criticism, we have come to the conclusion that we will make radical steps of repentance.

An inspirational and critical impulse came, among others, from the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, which we are not on friendly terms with for the time being but we have to admit that they are right in many things.

If we take stock of the period after the Velvet Revolution, the number of Catholics under Card. Miloslav Vlk dropped by one million over 10 years. We cannot throw the blame for this apostasy just on the circumstances which we could not change.

Another painful fact we have to admit with a heavy heart concerns restitution. We were fighting for it almost to the point of shedding blood instead of striving for the salvation of immortal souls. Our concern for restitution exhausted us so much that we were unable to perceive the spread of heresies in the spiritual sphere. We neglected to warn the priests and seminarians against them, and we did not purge the Catholic literature of them.

Card. M. Vlk, the leading representative of the Focolare movement, openly uttered a heresy in the television, saying that our God is the same as the Allah of Muslims. At the present time of the intense Islamization of Europe, this heresy not only leads to the destruction of Christianity in Europe but also creates the conditions for Europe’s genocide.

We neglected to instruct the Catholic believers before the presidential elections that it was not about the choice of people but about the choice of a system. To choose a system which accepts Islamization and globalization would mean to choose self-destruction of Christianity and the nation. Unfortunately, it was through our fault too that many Catholic politicians promoted the path of death rather than the path of life. The tragedy is that even some of us, Catholic bishops, voted for the path of death. Now we confess our guilt before the nation like true men.

The spirit of heresy and its fruits are especially manifest in the church policy of Francis. By his gestures and statements, he legalizes the sin of homosexuality, thus denying the law of God and bringing down an anathema on himself and on the Church. At the same time, he serves as an instrument of Islamization. He continually refuses to repent, and therefore every legitimate bishop must separate from him and cannot be in unity with him. We, the bishops, were long silent on this too, which caused many Catholics to go astray.

On Ash Wednesday, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate declared excommunication on Pope Francis. We have carefully studied the arguments concerning the excommunication, discussed them together and reached the following conclusion: we cannot be in unity with the heretic Francis and at the same time with Jesus, our Saviour. We have chosen Jesus!

Internal communion with the Mystical Body of Christ is broken by heresies. Without this communion, however, no hierarch has legitimate spiritual authority!

Before the excommunication was declared on Francis on the basis of clear arguments, we still regarded him officially as the supreme authority in the Church although we perceived in our conscience that his gestures and words were not right and were contrary to the essence of Catholic doctrine. Now, after the excommunication was made public, we can no longer remain formally passive. We want to defend the orthodox doctrine and morals, and therefore we break with this suicidal trend represented by Francis. We thus break our spiritual unity with him. Our specific gesture of true repentance and dissociation from his heresies is that we will stop mentioning his name in the Liturgy, and we call on all Catholic priests in the Czech Republic to do the same.

Of course, we can expect a variety of legal sanctions from the Vatican. However, we make it public that the present-day Vatican, which has separated from orthodox doctrine and legalizes heresies, loses its spiritual authority and substantiation. Every bishop, priest and believer who wants to be saved must not obey the orders of Francis, even if he should be threatened with excommunication. This is also confirmed by the Dogmatic Bull of Paul IV who says that all actions and enactments of a heretical Pope are null and void!

We are making this radical step to salvation to serve as an example for other bishops of the Catholic Church as well. The goal is internal restoration. The path of Francis is the path of apostasy leading to perdition. Everyone who is in unity with him in heresy excludes himself from the Mystical Body of Christ – the Church.

We admit in penitence that we could have prevented Catholics from taking the path of apostasy in many ways as we were called to renounce heresies and to confess the faith as early as 2009. We did not confess the faith and did not renounce heresies even after the third appeal, even though it presented a specific argument: The president of the German Bishops’ Conference, R. Zollitsch, uttered a heresy that year that Christ did not die for sins but, allegedly, out of solidarity with the suffering. Because of our cowardice and passivity, even after that appeal we did not dissociate ourselves publicly from that heresy. That was why God’s anathema fell upon us according to Gal 1:8-9. It was published and announced.

As early as 29 June 2008, excommunication was published against Fr. Halík and Card. Vlk. We made light of the excommunication, but the things of God are no joking matter. An ordinary maid asked the Apostle Peter to make a confession of faith. Peter denied three times, but he repented immediately, unlike the Apostle Judas. We want to repent like Peter, and not to remain stubborn like Judas. Now we publicly admit our guilt.

A certain excuse for us is that at that time Benedict XVI was Pope, who was known for his orthodoxy. It was also for this reason that we did not consider the vital gesture of renouncing heresies necessary. And so it happened that each of us has been under God’s anathema for nine years since then. There is the question of the validity of priestly and episcopal ordinations from that time period. We are not sure whether ecclesia supplet is applicable in this case, or it is necessary to consecrate sub condicione some bishops and all priests from the span of those nine years.

The Czech Catholic Church now announces a state of sede vacante before the entire Catholic world. Czech bishops do not respect a heretic on the papal throne and separate themselves from the Vatican until an orthodox Pope is appointed (orthodox decentralization).

Additionally, we renounce unity with the spirit of heresy, and at the same time confess the true faith that accords with the apostles’ doctrine.

For our confession of faith we use a form composed of questions and answers which we also present for signing to all priests, and we ask them to make this confession during the Holy Mass. Please, send a copy of your confession to the Bishop’s office:

1) Do you renounce the historical-critical method in theology, i.e. neo-Modernism, and the spirit of atheism behind it?

Answer: (I do.)

2) Do you renounce the spirit behind the Nostra aetate declaration as well as the so-called spirit of Assisi – the spirit of Antichrist – stemming from it?

Answer: (I do.)

3) Do you renounce the spirit of gender ideology promoting all forms of LGBTQ sexual deviation?

Answer: (I do.)

4) Do you renounce the spirit of Satanism which is behind mental, sexual and physical child abuse by juvenile justice mechanisms?

Answer: (I do.)

5) Do you renounce Satan and demons, especially those working through different hidden forms of magic, divination or spiritualism (homoeopathy, acupuncture, hypnosis, divination by pendulum…) and the spirit of the New Age?

Answer: (I do.)

6) Do you renounce the spirit of Freemasonry and NWO which programmes moral, spiritual and physical autogenocide of mankind?

Answer: (I do.)

7) Do you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for you and your sins and rose again on the third day really and historically?

Answer: (I do.)

8) Do you receive the Lord Jesus as your Saviour and do you give your life to Him?

Answer: (I do.)

9) Do you receive the testament from the cross expressed in the words of Christ addressed to the disciple: “Behold your mother!”?

Answer: (I do.)

10) Do you receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit to become a martyr of Christ like the apostles?

Answer: (I do.)

Signature __________________________ Date _______________2018 A.D.

During the Lenten period, we remember the last things of man, namely death, judgment and eternity, and at the same time the suffering and redemptive death of our Lord and Saviour. Let us make time every day to pray the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary and to contemplate the Way of the Cross between 8 and 9 p.m. at home beneath the cross. Thus we not only pray, but also fast from television and the Internet at this particular time (cf. Mt 17:21).

After Good Friday, we will remember Christ’s glorious Resurrection. May this year also mark the spiritual resurrection of the Church and the nation!

Do not forget about the Easter Monday national demonstration!

Your Bishops

Note for the priests: This pastoral letter is intended for the Third Sunday of Lent.

Pastoral letter drafted by

+ Methodius OSBMr

Secretary of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

26 February 2018