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Demonstrators Desecrate Cathedral, Beat Priest And Nun (Video)

Dozens of government supporters stormed Managua cathedral, Nicaragua, on November 18.

According to videos posted on local news sites, the attackers abused Father Rodolfo Lopez and Sister Arelys Guzman. Lopez was confronted by several men.

Since April 2018, there have been violent riots against left-wing president Daniel Ortega with around 350 dead.


The pope may condemn the priest and the nun. Would be unexpected if he condemned the anti-Catholic socialists. He could praise the socialists and blame "clericalism"?
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Another novus ordo abomination.
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Look inside the cathedral and the crucifix. Totally modernist. Poor Catholic Church. First attacked from within, now also from outside.
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I guess some men step in to block the attackers? At first I thought they were respecting the boundaries of the altar, thinking that probably was not the case.
Will Bergoglio protest this physical attack by socialists against a priest and nun in their Cathedral?
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I know the question is posed ironically; obviously no. Bergoglio will see some fellow Marxists and atheists and it would gladden him.
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Thanks Jorge of the Pachamamas for realeasing evil upon the Church.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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