What? Coroners Amendment Bill! Why now?

Coroners Amendment Bill - New Zealand Parliament “unascertained natural causes”.

I am absolutely opposed to any change in the Coroners legislation. This legislation has served the Nation robustly, and with advanced science will continue to do so.

In the guise of a humanitarian gesture the real purpose is to provide the ability obfuscate the precise cause of the death by enabling the use of the clause “unascertained natural causes”.

We are told relentlessly to follow the science. Our science and technology enable the coroner to determine the cause of death by investigating the death scene, tracking down medical records and interviewing witnesses.

The latest death phenomena is "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" whereby healthy (usually athletic) adults suddenly die. This is a huge concern to NZ, a nation proud to place its athletes on the world stage.

Introducing this clause “unascertained natural causes” is an insult to NZ's scientific community that are readily enthusiastic to lend their scientific knowledge in accurately ascertaining the cause of death, for the health of the Nation.

Our tax dollars have contributed dearly to a robust scientific net work in our Nation. The Government should place the health of the Nation first in supporting Coroners determine with accuracy the cause death.

Applied Science in determining the cause of death, is advanced and there to help NZ make meaningful health care policies.


That there be no change to the legislation. A change of the legislation to encompass “unascertained natural causes” is not an advance in science but a retrograde, defeatist generalisation with detrimental health consequences for New Zealander's.

Rather than learning from the exact cause of death these findings are swept under the broad carpet of “unascertained natural causes”.
Malki Tzedek
The truth is too evident; they need to obfuscate. Everyone should be opposed to changes which deviate from finding cause(s).