Radio Maria: Covid-19 Is Conspiracy to Create “The World of Satan”

Covid-19 results from “a conspiracy of the elites to conquer the world by 2021,” Father Livio Fanzaga said during a broadcast on Radio Maria Italy.

Franzaga heads the Radio Maria imperium with branches in 55 countries around the world. He believes that Covid-19 stems from a forbidden biological weapon which was tested by China.

For him “this epidemy” is a project of the devil acting through “criminal minds” who have a precise purpose: “a health or mass media coup d'état.”

This project wants to establish a “health and cybernetics dictatorship,” and create a “new world without God” which is “the world of Satan where we would all be zombies,” Fanzaga believes. Joe Biden’s election is for him “the icing on the cake.”


...and when 2021 rolls around in another month and the "elites" haven't conquered the world, the crack-pots will either a.) shift the date or b.) claim it 'happened" by re-defining "conquer" so vaguely anything counts. Seriously, Father. Leave this Rapture-style prediction nonsense to the foolish Lutherans.
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