Francis Praises Prize for Ugliness

Francis sent a March 14 message to the 26th public session of the Pontifical Academies, dedicated to "Sacred Architecture."

He congratulated the winners of the Pontifical Academies Prize for their contributions to "sacred architecture."

The gold medal was awarded to the OPPS Architettura studio in Florence for its work in transforming a chapel in Rome belonging to the Foundation of Saints Francis of Assisi and Catherine of Siena (pictured left).

The silver medal went to the architect Federica Frino for a new church dedicated to St Thomas in the central Italian town of Pontedera (pictured right).

The Pontifical Academies Awards were assigned based on the criteria of design, furnishing, liturgical adaptation, renovation, and reuse of spaces dedicated to worship, taking into account "new requirements" and "contemporary architectural language.”

The winning projects express well the emptiness, secularisation, brutality, decay, and ugliness of the Novus Ordo.


A softer form of brutalism, but still purely nihilistic.
Just as ugly as glass face Francis.
Opera 369
Would anyone expect anything else from JMB? Again, look at the Cross that hangs on his neck! Then, pay attention to his stole, pallium... so many other abnormal signs, blatantly displayed as provocations to the Catholics. And yet, (certain blind and deaf) Catholics' still ...call him 'pope'!! Matthew 24, Jesus said: "But when I return, will I find faith on earth..?"
Just what I would expect a protestant to vote for.
Or a Mason...
Louis IX
This type of architecture is designed to demoralize.
Riddle: Which of these is Francis' ideal church?
Immanentism vs transcendence.
Jason l
Kunst und die schönen Dinge
Prizes shouldn't be gold and silver - but CONCRETE and BASE METAL