Traditional Nuns, "Recalcitrants are shown the door."

Hilary White on Twitter (May 19): "I know a monastery - hugely famous for its doctrinal and liturgical "conservatism," where a particular nun is assigned to sit down and assess the level of traddiness of potential nun-candidates. Her job is at the same time to argue the traditionalist position is extreme, unnecessary, that the New Paradigm of VaticanTwoism is just the best thing ever & (heedless of irony) that there is also no real difference at all. Recalcitrants are shown the door."
Pope Benedict XVI wasn't "shown the door" Rafał_Ovillain. He got up and walked out that door all by himself. It's time you wake up and realize that.
First pope Benedict XVI and all Catholics were "shown the door". It has been now since 7 years that Church is undergoing destruction. Unfortunately, majority of Catholics are still unable and do not will to realize that all members of the Bride of Christ have to bear the consequences... It's time to wake up and act in communion with pope BXVI!