Whether or not Benedict XVI audaciously intended to introduce an unprecedented and inadmissible wrinkle into the nature of the Papacy, it may also be said that the failure to heed the distinction between resigning the office itself and ministries or activities emanating from said office constitutes an invalidating substantial error.

I Read This Very Interesting Article over at Frontpage Mag

Update: I have learned to spell. The momentum is growing all the time. Will enough people stand up before it is too late? Lengthy excerpt: …
Hound of Heaven
As much as I have regretted it since he tragically resigned his office, I believe, like Elvis before him, Benedict XVI has indeed 'left the building'.
Rand Miller
It puzzles me why people try to find arguments to say Benedict is still the Pope.
"...[T]ry to find arguments..." ? That's a bit like saying my cat is outside trying to find fleas.
Cath intruth
The signs are clear to those who seek the Truth.
Dr Bobus
The authority of Canon Law follows from the authority of the Pope. Therefore, the pope can dispense himself from anything in Canon Law that does not contradict Divine or Gould natural law.