Pillar AGAIN attacks Catholics: "Within the microclimate of the Catholic media world, that approach leads to sometimes comical extremes: the Raymond Arroyo Show airing grainy cell phone conversations with Archbishop Viganó, despite the archbishop’s discredited public reputation and open hostility to the very concept of Vatican II"

Editorial: Pope Francis, EWTN, and Catholic media

Pope Francis talks to a camera linked with Argentina as he leads a meeting for the 4th World Congress of Educational Scholas Occurrentes in the …
A pope suppose to act like a pope a sheppard not a politician ,Jesus is the way the Truth and Life ,no to modernism
John A Cassani
How has Archbishop Viganò been discredited, from the point of view of Catholic orthodoxy? I mean, just because the “catholic” left doesn’t like the guy, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t. Sadly, Pillar proves that they cannot be trusted as an authority, even if they have done some good.