Mexico's Sistine Chapel Burnt To Ashes (Pictures)

The historic St James the Apostle Church in Nuri, Michoacán, Mexico, was destroyed by fire (March 7).

The church dates back to 1639 and was called the "Sistine Chapel" of the state. It contained historic works of indigenous Catholic art.

The reasons for the fire are still unknown.


Anarquists with masons orders MAKE ALL THIS years ago in christian countries and SIMBOLIC churches.
atreverse pensar
Someone is intentionally burning churches. Churches must be defended.
Moreover, they burn historical churches, not modern ones.
Sunamis 49
Louis IX
In this day and age of inexpensive digital video equipment how difficult is it to attach a couple of cameras to these historic churches and post a couple of signs reading “this property under 24 hour visual surveillance”? It may help curb the ambitions of firebugs.
In a time when it's perfectly acceptable to walk around with a mask?
Louis IX
The whole masking thing seems a bit too convenient doesn’t it? Almost like it’s all been planned.
Cuthbert Mayne
Tragic. Incredibile that all these churches spontaneously combust.