What Does It Mean That the Vatican Confirms Suspension Of Gay Priest? Likely the Opposite

The homosexual Dutch priest Pierre Valkering, 55, lost his appeal at the Vatican’s Congregation for the Clergy, (June 22) reports.

A long-time gay-militant, Valkering admitted in 2019 that he lives a gay life including fornication, pornography, dark rooms, and gay bars.

Therefore, now-retired Amsterdam Bishop Jozef Punt, 74, removed him from his parish and suspended him. Valkering appealed in vain to the Congregation of the Clergy and even to Francis.

As could be expected, the new Amsterdam Bishop Johannes Hendriks, 65, is now looking for a “satisfactory solution" for Valkering, so that he might return to parish work "after a period of reflection.” Had Valkering been suspended by an evil bishop for having stood up for the Catholic Faith, he would be gone for good.

Hendriks visited Valkerings former parish and found “very different views” although “everybody” speaks with “greatest respect” of Valkering.


As for the churchmen who deliberately entertain ambiguities about the Christian view of homosexual behavior by saying that, morally speaking, all forms of sexuality are strictly equal, I tell them that they are doing the work of the prince of lies - Robert Cardinal Sarah