Ireland: Catholic priest invites Muslims to Mass, Muslim proclaims supremacy of Islam from pulpit

Apr 5, 2020 4:00 pm By 84 Comments Father Stephen Farragher is no doubt a loyal follower of Pope Francis, who has made the risible claim that “…
Hey Father, FYI; The muslins despise you
M3 Squared
Every parishioner in that parish should leave this apostate's Church, their Faith now in continuing danger of being eradicated. I would have have immediately walked out & never returned had I been there...
He should be kicked out and feathered, this imbecile.
Dr Bobus
No one needs to wonder why there's now only one seminary in Ireland.
Novella Nurney
May the Holy Trinity save us from such ravenous ( or dullard, or both) creatures as this priest. May God in His mercy grant him the desire to repent and make a mends for this sacrilege .