Heated Discussion Among Gloria People

Accountant: Friends of Christ, we’ve an issue. In the last six weeks, we spent 40,000 euros, half of this were unforeseen costs.

Editor: Stop, I cannot see bills anymore.

Technician: What do you mean? I had to scrap a server in June after years of excellent service. At the time, it cost me 5,000 euros. Now I replaced it with a rented machine. But I need a permanent solution, rather quickly.

Accountant: Give up on your copyright filters, they are too expensive.

Legal Advisor: You can't run such a big upload platform without taking copyrights in account. Mind the music industry...

Priest: You are in troubles? What a wonderful opportunity to trust in divine Providence.

Donor: is a work of divine Providence! It’s not the usual one-way communication, but an independent social network by Catholics for Catholics. That's why I support

Fundraiser: We need to tell people that is not upload-material for the big social media like most Catholic outlets. It's worthwhile supporting those who create Catholic spaces in the Internet.

All together: Help us expanding that space with a summer or regular monthly donation?

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We talk, by a sort of habit, about Modern Thought, forgetting the familiar fact that moderns do not think. They only feel, and that is why they are so much stronger in fiction than in facts; why their novels are so much better than their newspapers.