Acta Sanctorum

holy and blessed abbots and monks of the monastery of Saint-Bertin in Saint-Omer, namely: Bertin, abbot in St. Omer, messenger of faith in northeastern France,and Bertram (Bertrannus, Ebertramnus), abbot in St. Quentin, and Waldebert (Valbert, Gaubert), abbot in Luxeuil, and Bertin the Younger, son of Waldebert and Ragentrudis, and Mummolenus, religious, founder of the …More
Acta Sanctorum

holy and blessed abbots and monks of the monastery of Saint-Bertin in Saint-Omer, namely: Bertin, abbot in St. Omer, messenger of faith in northeastern France,and Bertram (Bertrannus, Ebertramnus), abbot in St. Quentin, and Waldebert (Valbert, Gaubert), abbot in Luxeuil, and Bertin the Younger, son of Waldebert and Ragentrudis, and Mummolenus, religious, founder of the monastery, bishop of Noyon <b11 0=""> Winnoc, founder and first abbot in Wormhout, and Quadanocus (Quadavocus), companion of Winnoc of Wormhout, and Ingenoc, monk, and Madocus, companion of Winnoc of Wormhout, and Erkembodo, abbot of St-Omer, bishop of Thérouanne, and Hunfried, bishop of Thérouanne, and Fulko (Falko), archbishop of Reims, Martyrs , and Grimbald, priest, first abbot in Winchester , and John, companion of Grimbald, and Asser, companion of Grimbald, and Wocardus (Worardus), monk in St-Bertin in St-Omer, priest, and Winerbaldus, monk in St-Bertin in St-Omer, priest, and Gerwaldus, monk in St-Bertin in St-Omer, deacon, and Regenardus, monk in St-Bertin in St-Omer, Deacon, and Gerhard, first abbot in Brogne, and Lambert, 40th abbot in Saint-Bertin († 1125), venerated on June 22, and Simon, abbot in Alsace and in St-Bertin, from 1136 he lived in Sorrento († 1148), venerated on February 4, and Leonius (Leo), abbot in Lobbes and in Saint-Bertin, and Joscius "Roseus" of St-Bertin, monk,and St. Bernard (Bernhard) the penitent, Monk in St-Bertin in St-Omer († 1182), venerated on April 19, and (Dodonus, Rigobertus, Erlefridus and Agilon) and Dodo (Duodo), mentioned in the life story of Bertin, and Rigobertus, mentioned in the life story of Bertin , and Erlefridus, mentioned in the life story of Bertin, and Agilo, first monk in Saint-Èvre in Toul, and Agilus, first abbot in Rebais
Adalgott, Abbot in Disentis
in Augsburg: Afra (conversion)
Austregildis, mother, nun (transfer of bones to Orléans)
Agnes von Gott, Klarissin († c. 1528)
Alanus, Bishop of Quimper, see below at Alorius (Aldrus), Bishop of Quimper
Albinus of Büraburg Witta
Alexander Macchiavelli from Bologna, Tertiar in the Carmelite Order († 1300 in Palestine)
Alfred (Ælfred) the Great, King of the Anglo-Saxons
Alorius (Aldrus), bishop

of Quimper patron saint of horse breeders,and Alanus, bishop of Quimper († in the 5th century)
Amandus, messenger of faith in Belgium, Bishop of Maastricht
Amandus, first Bishop of Strasbourg
in Mainz: Amandus, Bishop of Worms
Andreas Corsini, monk, Bishop of Fiesole
Angelramnus, Bishop of Metz
Angelus of Ostrov, Franciscan religious in Poland and Bohemia,and Chrysostomus Ponietus, Franciscan religious in Poland and Bohemia († in the 15th century)
Anianus, Bishop of Orléans (2nd transfer of bones)
Antonius of Souza, Jesuit order,martyr in Nagasaki († October 26, 1633)
Aptonius, Bishop of Angoulème († c. 567)
Artemidorus, martyr, and Basil, martyr, and Glycon, martyr, and Leptina, martyr in the Orient
Athanasius, deacon, monk in the Medikion Monastery near Tirilye - today Zeytinbağı - in Bithynia
Aurelius, Archbishop of Carthage
Bean, Bishop of Mortlach near Elgin in Scotland († c. 1012/1032)
Benedict of St. Torquatus, Franciscanreligious, in Castella († 1519)
Benevenuta Bojani, Tertiary of the Dominicans († 1292), venerated on October 30
Bernard of Calvó, Abbot of Santes Creus, Bishop of Vich
Bernard, Cistercianmonk, Bishop of Maurienne († c. 1190)
Bernward, Bishop of Hildesheim
Bona, Klarissin in the monastery of S. Anna in Lérigneux (?) near Narbonne († around 1282)
Bonaventure of Potenza, religious, priest († 1711)

not required day of remembrance at the Franciscan conventuals
Cedd (Cedda), Bishop of the East Anglo-Saxons, founder

of the monastery and in England: Ceadda (Chad), Abbot of Lastingham, Bishop of York and Lichfield
Celina Chludzinska von Borzecka, nun, founder († 1913)
Ceolfrith, Abt in Wearmouth und Jarrow
Cuthbert, Bishop of Hereford, twelfth Archbishop of Canterbury († 758/761)
Damian Furcheri of Finale Ligure, religious, priest († 1484)

Daria, Virgin, and Derbilia, Virgin in Connacht in Ireland
Demetrios of Thessaloniki, martyr
Demetrius, first bishop of Gap, martyr
Dominikus Nguyen Van (Doàn) Xuyen, priest, martyr in Vietnam († 1839)
Dulcina (Dulcelina), Tertiary of the Franciscans in Marseille († c. 1282)
Eadfrid (Edfrid), priest from Northumbria, messenger of faith in Mercia, founder of the monastery and abbot of Leominster († around 675)
Eata (Eatas), abbot of Melrose, Lindisfarne and Ripon, Bishop of Hexham († c. 687)
Eata (Rata), abbot of Meibron (??), Bishop of Lindisfarne († c. 1188)
Emmanuel Lomadas, Franciscan religious in the Canary Islands († in the 16th century)
Ermin (Erwin), Abbot Bishop of Lobbes (elevation or transfer of bones)
Ernanus Mioluachra of Kill-na-saccart and Rectanus of Eatar Ghabhail and Cruadius Longipes of Balana, revered in Ireland
Evaristus, Roman community leader
Fara (Burgundofara), abbess of Faremoutiers,and Gibitrude, nun
Florentius, confesser, probably identical to Florentius of Mont-Glonne, priest, hermit
in Seville: Florentius, martyr at Trois-Châteux in Burgundy († in the 3rd century), venerated on 27 October
Francis, Franciscanreligious, martyr in Montréal in the department of Aude († 1566), and Jacob, franciscanreligious , martyr in Montréal in the department of Aude († 1566)
Francis of St. Mary, Franciscanreligious, martyr by Muslims in the Philippines († October 1578)

Fronto, Bishop of Périgueux
Frumentius (Abba Salama), bishop, messenger of faith in Ethiopia, and
Fulcus, Bishop of Bologna
Fulcus (Folco), Bishop of Piacenza and of Pavia (†

Gaudiosus, Bishop of Salerno
Commemoration of the earthquake in Constantinople in 740
Gerwich, monk,and Wigand, monk
Gibitrudis (Gibitrude), nun
In the Premonstratensian Order: Gilbert of Neuffontaines
Gwinocus (Gevinocus), monk, bishop, confessor, and aneurin (Gildas), his father, monk, confessor, and Cennydd, his brother, monk, confessor, and Madog, his brother, monk, confessor, and Dolgan, monk, his brother, confessor, and dolgar, nun, his sister, confessor, and Nwython, monk, his brother, and Garci, Gwinocus' cousin, monk, confessor in Wales († in the 6th century)
Haimon (Haymo, Aimo, Aimonius), founder of the monastery in Meda near Milan († around 790), and Veremundus, confessor in Meda, venerated on February 13
Hertwin, Abbot and Bishop Lobbes, probably identical to Ermin, Abbot Bishop of Lobbes
Humbert von Fritzlar, monk, prior of Buraberg († in the 7th/8th century), see below.
Ivo the British, companion of == Radulph, Carmelitemonk
Jacob (Israel), archfather
in the Pauline Family (Familia Paulina): Jesus, Divine Master
in the Church of St. Mary ad gradus, Mary to the Steps in Cologne: Arrival of the Relic of the Cross of Jesus Christ
Johannes, abbot of Aulne in Hainaut († 1338)
Joasaph of Athos, monk, disciple of Niphon of Constantinople, martyr by the Turks († 1536)
Josef Gregor Hernández, benefactor
Josephine Leroux, Nun
Juliana, granddaughter of Emperor Justin, venerated in Constantinople
Justus (Justinus), second Bishop of Strasbourg, cf. Justinus, Bishop of Poitiers, venerated on 26 August, and Maximinus, Bishop of Strasbourg, and Valentinus, Bishop of Strasbourg, and Solarius, Bishop of Strasbourg, cf. amandus, first Bishop of Strasbourg
Konstantia, granddaughter of Emperor Frederick, wife of King Peter of Aragon, tertiary of the Franciscans († 1302)
Lazarus of Bethany, raised from the dead
Leonhard Kessel from Lövenich, district of Cologne, Jesuits, martyrs(† October 26, 1574)
Lucian, martyr,and Marcian, martyr, and Florus, martyr, and companion, martyr in Nicomedia
Louis of Turra, Franciscan nun in Verona († 1480 in Rome)
Marcellus the Soldier (of Tangier)
Feast day of our Lady,ordered by Benedict of Nursia
Mariadrus, martyr, identical to Marianus (Marcianus), martyr, venerated on October 27, and Lucius, venerated on October 27, and Vietus, identical to Victus, martyr, venerated on October 27
Marian of Bosco, Franciscan religious († 1496 on La Verna in Tuscany)
Mark, martyr , and Soterichus, martyr, and Valentina (Valentinus), martyr
Maurinus of Agen, priest, martyr
in Geneva: Mauritius, martyrs,and companions, martyrs (finding the bones)
Megingaud, Bishop of Burbach / Buraburg, see below.
Meliavus of Lanmeur, King, Martyr
Michael, lay brother of the Franciscans in East India († c. 1570)
Mineato (Minias, Miniato), martyr
Nasad, Hermit, Bishop, Confesser, and Beoan, Hermit, Bishop, Confesser, and Mellan, Hermit, Confesser in County Down
Nestor of Thessaloniki, martyr
Odhrán "the Wise", founder of the monastery and first abbot in Latteragh
Oran, abbot in Meath, founder of the monastery (?), messenger of faith
Pelagia, Virgin, identical to Marina of Bithynia
Polycrates, Bishop of Ephesus
Quadragesimus, shepherd, subdeacon in Policastro, miracle worker († c. 590)
Quodvultdeus, Bishop of Carthage
Quodvultdeus, abbot of the Vatican Monastery († 586)
Remoldus, Bishop (Bruges)
Rogatianus, priest, martyr in Carthage († in the 3rd century), and Felicissimus, martyr in Africa († 256)
Rusticus, monk in Lérins, bishop of Narbonne, participant in the Council of Ephesus († 461/462)
Sigebald, Bishop of Metz
Sigehard, first abbot of Abdinghof Abbey in Paderborn († 1048)
Seraphin of Montegranaro, lay brother, mystic
Tharsus (Thraseas), bishop, martyr, and Polycarpus, martyr, and Gajus (Cajus), martyr, and Metrobius, martyr, and Eumenia, martyr, and Januarius, martyr, and Terreus, martyr, and Corminius, martyr in Phrygia († around 175), venerated on October 27
Trogenus (Troësius), abbot in Nevers
Tudyr, Confessor, and Arwystli Gloff, Confessor, and Twrnog (Teyrnog), Confessor, and Servant (Deifer), Confessor, and Tyfrydog, Confessor, and Marcella, Confessor, and Gwynodl, Confessor, and Merin, Confessor, and Senefyr, Confessor, and Tuglyd, Confessor, and Tudno, Confessor, and Tyneio, Confessor in Wales
in the Diocese of Segovia: Valentine, Martyr,and Engratia, Martyr
Vedastus (Vaast, Gaston, Foster), Bishop of Arras and Cambrai,and Amandus, messenger of faith in Belgium and the Basque Country, Bishop of Maastricht
Veranus, bishop and martyr in Pisa
Vincentius of Avila, martyr,and Sabina, martyr,and Christeta, martyr
Vincent Cangianus, Dominican religious in the Kingdom of Naples († in the 17th century)
Werdinus, Abbot of Hydrun Monastery
Wilhelm Stravus, Franciscanreligious, martyr near Trier,
and Christian Soius, Franciscanreligious, martyr near Trier († 1579)
Witta (Albuin), first bishop of Büraburg,and Megingaud, bishop of Büraburg, and Humbert, confessor in Fritzlar
Consecration of the Basilica in Fleury to the Virgin Mary and Benedict of Nursia
Consecration of the church of the Cistercianmonastery in Salzedas near Viseu in Portugal