De Profundis
Bill Gates: For people over 50 or 60, they'll probably have to get boosted every 6 months until we get even better vaccines; so we're in for ongoing vaccination to stay absolutely safe...
Rand Miller
We ought to reject Covid testing and reject Covid vaccines. And once you have studied the terrain theory you'll reject all vaccines.
Up next... author Stephen King discusses the technical flaws of the Microsoft OS. Because he's the same kind of CNN "expert".
Jeffrey Ade
Also up next...Cell! "When everyone is connected, no one is safe!"
Poor Gates et. al. Their pride has blinded them to the hell they are running to
Jeffrey Ade
They are beheld for us to view!
When people have lots of money ,the next thing they want is power ,and with power they want to control other people ,they want to be and feel like gods that is how much important they think they are .They think like their father the principe of lies
Louis IX
Bill Gates always practicing medicine without a license.