New Vatican Official To Deal With SSPX

Pope Francis appointed French Monsignor Patrick Descourtieux on March 30 as the person responsible for the Old Rite communities including the Society of St Pius X (SSPX).

Descourtieux takes over from Archbishop Guido Pozzo, the former secretary of the
abolished Commission Ecclesia Dei. Descourtieux has worked for this Commission for a decade.

A priest of Paris Archdiocese since 1986, Descourtieux came to Rome in 1989. describes him as a man of courtesy and discretion who has always tried to help all traditional groups and who has a “direct access to Pope Francis.”

Jim Dorchak
What is wrong with this picture?
If he is FRENCH, cATHOLIC and NOT SSPX, weeeelllll there are going to be problems.
Most French who are NOT FSSP or SSPX are not so much Catholic.
Possibly, but his eyes lack the tell tale sign of snake bite. I look forward to his bio from someone who knows him.
Dr Bobus
@Jim Dorchak

The FSSP is very active in France. And Fontgombault has three daughter houses.
Jim Dorchak
@Dr Bobus yes that was my point. If you are not FSSP or SSPX and you are in France then you are likely not so much Catholic and more likely cATHOLIC.
Dr Bobus
Don't underestimate the influence of Fontgombault and daughter houses in France. Nb: The three day liturgical conference, featuring Cardinal Ratzinger, was held at Fontgombault

And the priest mentioned above is a professor at the Augustinianum, the Pontifical University devoted to Patristics.