Gloria von Thurn and Taxis: “Francis Is Awesome”

Francis "doesn't want" to abolish celibacy, the German Church does, German billionaire Princess Gloria of Thurn and Taxis said in the German State TV on January 22. Her theory: “The Rhine flows down the Amazon.”

Gloria explained, that "the Germans" are using the Indians, “The Amazon region is an excuse of the German church." She warns, that "the German Church wants to desacralise and destroy the priesthood."

Abolishing celibacy means for Gloria the end of the Church, “You can see it with the Protestants. The Protestant Church is a political association with a meditation component.”

For Gloria, Francis is “awesome.” And, “Francis is a great guy and the most charming man alive.” Gloria is a personal friend of Cardinal Müller.


Francis is on the same page as the Germans. His ideological statements and actions suggest someone with a hatred of Christian society and decent family life.
Charming like a snake!
Didn’t she see Francis with the others when they were adoring Pachamama!?! Idolatry is not “awesome”! Francis even called it Pachamama, but that’s old news. How did she learn about the German bishops, but skip over the years of nonsense by Francis? Unbelievable!
Awesome for pagans...