Woman Accuses Cardinal Ouellet of Public "Inappropriate Touching"

Curia Cardinal Marc Ouellet, 78, is accused in a class-action lawsuit of "inappropriately touching" F., then 23-year-old female pastoral worker of Quebec Archdiocese, in public.

Ouellet headed that archdiocese from 2003-2010 until Benedict XVI appointed him Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops in 2010.

F. alleges that the unwanted touching happened from 2008. She accuses Ouellet of having "kissed" her at a - very public - ordination party in 2010 while "his hand slid down her back and touched her buttocks".

She also alleges that he massaged her without consent, hugged and kissed her on the cheek several times, and on one occasion "pressed her tightly against him and caressed her back with his hands".

The lawsuit claims that other women had run into a “problem” with the cardinal’s alleged penchant for "unwanted touching."

It is unlikely that the allegations constitute a crime, but under canon law they could be "violations of the sixth commandment". Francis, who himself often fails to maintain the right distance in public greetings, had known about the accusations for 19 months.

Picture: Marc Ouellet © Mazur, CC BY-SA, #newsSqbyztjraj
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The prefect of the Congregation of Bishops is accused of inappropriate touching when he was an archbishop: Cardinal Marc Ouellet is accused in a class-action lawsuit against clerics. The Vatican has known since last year