German Church reviles Our Lady With Pornographic Poster - Archbishop Approves

The representation of the Catholic theological students at Freiburg University, Germany, is displaying a pornographic banner on the facade of the University church.

It depicts Our Lady as a vagina and is called "Maria Vulva". "Vulva" is the medical name for the entirety of the outer primary sex organs of female mammals. Father Eberhard Schockenhoff, the rector of the university church, approved the poster.

The perpetrators, future Church employees, support a "church strike" presently organized by anti-Church groups.

Freiburg Archbishop Stephan Burger supported the vilification via his spokesman. In a hypocritical email, he called on a critic to show "understanding and tolerance" for the insult to make a "content-related discussion" possible and to avoid a further "escalation."

The student representation defended the poster on Facebook (17 May) claiming that the obscenity focuses on Our Ladie's "femininity".

According to them the image avoids showing the "obedient" and "humble maid of God", showing instead "feminist" strength and courage. They use "feminist" as a synonym for "indecent."

Alex A
Why is this post still up???
O Maoleoin
When wicked men blaspheme thee,I love and bless they name.
O Maoleoin
sorry should have said thy name.