Pope prays for pandemic's end and for a 'horizon of hope'

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis in a special prayer service on Saturday in St. Peter’s Basilica invoked the end of the pandemic and a return of …
The New Knights Templar
@Ultraviolet Absolutely. Half the world is hypnotized by it. They'll walk into a restaurant with their mask on, sit down take it off and feel comfortable to eat and talk for an hour, then bravely put the mask back on to walk to the car. Like the virus knows not to infect anyone then. The Wrath of God can't be far off.
The audience "sat spaced apart according to COVID-19 protocols" -which also includes wearing masks, which Francis did not even when those around him had to. Same article, but what a damning photo of the farce called "COVID-19 protocols".