She made her bed let her lay in it now with the sicko men!
Why the shock? She said she supports unisex changing rooms because all are included. Let that sink in... That includes men, and men who identify as women who are attracted to women- the gender dysphoric men actually believe they are lesbians. Of course women are not safe. What did she expect would be the consequences of embracing an ideology that rebels against reality.
Our woke secularist governments that accept and promote these idiologies they have to be voted out of power starting this november or our society will go down the drain even quicker than it is now .We have to come back to God
Jeffrey Ade
I am sure her counselors will say she is acting irrationally! She may not even realize why she is upset and scared, but she is right. I pray she will receive the guidance she needs to undestand what is going on around her!
The New Knights Templar
Maybe it will wake them up enough to think for themselves instead of letting others tell them what to think!