Who Are the Killers of the Christians in Syria?

Maronite Archbishop Joseph Tobji of Aleppo, Syria, has called the conflict in his country a “proxy war”, Riscossa Cristiana (November 30) reports.

Talking in Modena, Italy, Tobji said that the aggressors use as a cover the claim that they are establishing "Western democracy". But Tobji replies, “If ‘Western democracy’ is imposed by war and bombs it becomes ‘Western dictatorship’.”

According to the Archbishop there is an international complot headed by the United States against Syria. But, “If one digs deeper, one always discovers the involvement of Israel.”

The archbishop points out that some powers have come to the rescue of the Syrian people, “Paradoxically precisely those which are discredited by the international [Western] community, Russia and Iran.” He adds, “It is incredible how it is possible in the West to hide the facts with partial and politically correct information.”

Picture: Joseph Tobji, Aid to the Church, #newsLgwypvwkxv