Another Station of the Cross: Cardinal Pell Meets His Ice-Cold “Brethren Bishops"

The cold reaction of Cardinal Pell's alleged confrere after his release astonishes Marco Tosatti (LaNuovaBq.it, April 8).

Brisbane Bishop Mark Coleridge, a Pell protegé and President of the Australian Bishops, expressed no joy and no compassion for Pell. Instead, he uttered abstract words expressing much understanding for Pell's lynch mob.

A similar tone is found in the Vatican statement. Francis’ field hospital seems unable to show genuine sympathy.

Tosatti compares this reaction with the support which abuse bishops like Piñeda and Zanchetta received from the Vatican.

The picture shows the desecration of Melbourne Cathedrale on April 8, "Rot in hell, Pell"


Vatican “get Pell” www.fli.org.au/operation-get-p…
Proving, as always, exoneration of alleged abuse don't concern the Vatican as much as who gets exonerated..
Frà Alexis Bugnolo
Say a rosary and ask your guardian angel to bring its merits to his soul. He needs it. He has been traumatized.
how can I send a supportive note to Cardinal Pell?