Francis Received Melinda Gates Secretly

There is an ever closer alliance between the Vatican and the UN, Edward Pentin writes (, February 4).

He lists Papal audiences to UN representatives, joint conferences in the Vatican, common initiatives to foster “human fraternity” like the Abu Dhabi declaration, and the Vatican’s support of the UN's “Sustainable Development Goals”.

Pentin also knows about an unpublicised private audience, Francis granted in November to Melinda Gates whose Gates Foundation promotes contraception.

The US Catholic Relief Services regularly receives money from the Gates Foundation, last year alone four million dollars.

Picture: Melinda Gates, © DFID, wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsIgqxxcsjgd

How much does the Pope cost ?
She paid it out of petty cash.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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A little something Mrs. Gates should consider. No matter how much she paid for this private reception. Greta Thunberg got one for free. :P
Hey Melinda, you billions will be but flaming coals at your judgement. You have destroyed many of God's children and He will pay you back.
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There is no doubt at all they all work for evil NWO. God's rescue mission is progress now. Harvest is coming and their master will betray them. Remember that RCC is Jesus Christ's Church, no powers of hell can prevail it.
Globalist faux catholic Melinda and her globalist husband Bill gates pushing UN agendas. They are of the devil.
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Excommunicated heretics like antipope Francis are of no spiritual benefit to poor Melinda Gates.
She most likely doesn’t know this and such mutual back scratching meetings are clearly about money and influence for their respective organizations.
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Did he tell her how much he hates capitalism?
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They are committing spiritual suicide.
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