Mayor Consecrates Town to Our Lady, Incurs Troubles

Police reported Giulianova Mayor Jwan Costantini, Italy, to the prosecutor’s office, (March 27) writes.

Costantini’s crime: a March 25 consecration of his town to Our Lady at the sanctuary Madonna dello Splendore (video).

When the police arrived, there were four town representatives, Costantini included, five priests and three journalists – twelve in all - in the spacious church.

Such gatherings are forbidden in Italy under the coronavirus regime.


D--k the prosecutor.
Even for a private service? In a Catholic country? Still... the prosecutor who pursues this case is committing political suicide. ;-)
J G Tasan
God willing!, God willing, my friend... 😂😂😂
God bless these brave and God-fearing men, Giulianova Mayor Jwan Costantini, Italy, the four town representatives, five priests, and three journalists! May the rest of the Catholic world follow in their footsteps. Our prayers are with you.