Coronavirus: Novus Ordo Catholics Gone

Sunday after Sunday, Francis speaks at the Angelus to only small crowds on Saint Peter’s Square (picture from August 9).

Even more emptiness than before the coronavirus is visible in most Western Novus Ordo Eucharists. Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin, USA, has observed that after the coronavirus measures “the discipline of attending Sunday Mass is gone” (Twitter, August 9).

He believes that we have to invite people back to Mass by "creative outreach" and by emphasising the importance of "Christian community," the "Word of God" and the "Holy Eucharist” - in this order.

Tobin's flimsy reasons will not bring people back to Mass as these reasons have undermined Mass attendance already before the coronavirus. Christ's sacrifice and his real presence are the true reason to attend Mass. No surprise, the Original Roman Rite - where this is still clear - has not suffered from the coronavirus.


Here Tobin
Probably in the meantime they found better ways to celebrate themselves.
F M Shyanguya
St Jude, Marina, CA, Sun Aug 2, 2020

Full house and overflowing. Was able to get this pic because I came when Mass was just about to start.
legacy of 70 years of trying to bring to Church to the modern world
Liam Ronan
Is it perhaps a question of returning to Mass or Mask?
If everybody in that small crowd gave you a buck, could probably skip your day job.
Supposedly 50-70 % of Sunday Catholics won't come back.