Activly Homosexual Priest Wins Vatican Appeal

The Congregation for the Clergy accepted Father Pierre Valkering’s appeal against his dismissal as pastor in Amsterdam.

Long-haired Valkering, a long-time homosex militant, revealed this on the radio program Dit is De Dag.

He abused Laetare Sunday Mass (March 31, 2019), when the liturgical colour is pink, in order to tell his audience that he was “homosexual.”

This announcement coincided with the 25th priestly anniversary and the publication of Valkering’s autobiography where he describes his homosexual activities (addiction to pornography, visits to dark rooms and other homosexual meeting areas). Therefore, Haarlem-Amsterdam Bishop Jozef Punt removed him from the parish.

The Congregation for the Clergy explained its decision by saying that for them it was “unclear” what Valkering had exactly done wrong, that the evidence against him was “insufficient,” and that he was not given the opportunity to give his side of the story.

However, the diocese explained at the time that Valkering was not dismissed for being homosexual but for admitting that he ignores celibacy.

Valkering said he was leaning towards remaining in the priesthood so he could continue to spread homosexual propaganda.

Homoheretics run the show thanks to Jorge of the Pachamamas.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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Het laat zien met wat voor duivels Vaticaan we momenteel te maken hebben! Walgelijk!
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Bestiality is next.
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Can they still claim the Novus Ordo is catholic and not a protestant sect.
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