57. No consequences for sin?

Are there no consequences for sin? Absolutely not. Because sin is lacking, separating from the Love of God. Sin is an action and evil is its consequence.
Through sin, the person hurts himself and can destroy himself. The only decision of the person to turn to sin causes him evil.

This is being unfaithful to the Love of God. Leaving God, which will cause us evil, leads to suffering. Without the love of God, we sink into the mud of evil.

Let’s continue with the next passage of the Exodus, which is not easy to understand, since it seems to contradict the message of Jesus:
“Love your enemies.” Matthew, chapter 5, verse 44

Let’s continue immediately with what is written in the Book of Exodus:
“I will be an enemy to your enemies.” Exodus, chapter 23, verse 22

For a people who are often at war, we can assume that he did not understand the message that God is transmitting to him. How can God be an “enemy” since he is Love?

It’s easy to conclude that God would hurt someone. But Jesus sets the clock back on time. He confirms that God loves even enemies.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Let’s reveal God, Normand Thomas