Lesbian Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot dressed as the "Rona Destroyer."

When she entered her press briefing today
Smirky assistant isn't wearing a mask and she isn't six feet away, either. So much for "we all must do our part during Covid", amirite?
Lol. She has no idea that she comes across as a complete idiot but that fits her well
Chicago people are great people. I feel sorry that they are being suppressed by this sociopath mayor. I don’t believe the people voted her in. The cards were stacked fir that election. Remember, Illinois is the Only city in the US that can boast of have 2 mayors in prison at the same time, Blagojevich and George Ryan.
Alex A
To paraphrase a line from the movie 'Braveheart'-"She's not quite right in the head"
F M Shyanguya
Openly ...