...Is this my next Bishop?

Archbishop Wilton Gregory asked to lead Washington archdiocese

Washington D.C., Mar 28, 2019 / 01:29 pm (CNA).- Pope Francis is expected to appoint Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta to serve as the next …
Atlantans came down on Gregory when he took $5 Million to buy himself a mansion, so he reluctantly gave it up. He has allowed (even recently) James Martin sj in to speak his homo heresy in the churches of Atlanta & surrounding areas. Good riddance to Gregory,... watch them bring in one even worse than him.
What CNA will not report here can be found on Church Militant: www.churchmilitant.com/…/download-mccarr…

With Gregory and Rossi together, what will Mary's Shrine of the Immaculate Conception become: spectator.org/monsignor-rossi…

And on the campus of Catholic University of America: How long, Oh Lord, how long?
If this is more than politics, and somehow actually good politics, perhaps the offer is extended and will be declined. But I confess, this isn't a statement of hope, but "I hope so" hope that is not hope at all... 🙏
Lead it to hell.
Nudder FrqncisFag...
Gesù è con noi
The apostates have no jurisdiction over us Catholics that is a gay leader of the Sodomite sect.