Naomi Wolf just broke on Bannons War Room that Pfizer knew their 100mg dose destroyed recipients white blood cells. Claims this could be why the vaccinated keep getting Covid or other illnesses. This info came from the reports they wanted to hide till 2075.
After Birx, its hard to take scarf women seriously anymore. Oh! but wait - it is Birx! 🤗 Its okay debbie, we're safe with the face nappy aint we? NEVER! EVER! FORGET! KEEP YOUR MASK ON, by Dr. Birx
Jeffrey Ade
Covid 19 symptoms are 5g harm in conjunction with graphene oxide self assembling nano particles. Of course surges are coming, because of the poor souls who are death vaxxed on the fast track! Be prepared!
Explain how people who haven't been vaxxed/ infected carrry a Covid variant. :P Fauci is one kind of dumb, this is the other.
Rand Miller
I'll say it again. Covid doesn't exist. Illness is caused by toxins- the by far worst of which is the vaccine.
its hard for me to believe these people anymore
Roberto 55
She is very negative regarding her thoughts and positive-almost "prophetic" what will happen in near future in southern states. Fauci, Gates and other satanists are her advisors...
Louis IX
BS, she’s selling a book.