Oligarch Media Reports On Verdict About Pakistani Girl's Forced Marriage Wrong

A regional court in Pakistan ruled on August 5 in favour of a forced marriage between the Christian girl Maira Shahbaz, 14, and the much older Muslim Mohamad Nakash. The girl and her family insist that she was kidnapped in April.

Contrary to anti-Islamic media reports, the Austrian organisation Christians in Need considers the verdict a "stage win". The girl's lawyer Khalil Tahir Sandhu who was until 2018 the Punjab minister for human rights, is paid by Christians in Need which manages the case.

Tahir explains that the verdict is an Islamic decision based on Islamic law that contradicts Pakistan's civil law. Further: The regional court refrained from stating that Maira was already 19 years old and did not accept the marriage certificate.

Therefore Christians in Need believes that it will be easy to invalidate the marriage under Pakistan's civil law at the Supreme Court, "as in many previous cases."
It is not that simple.
According to moslim law, the girl when she marries must become a muslim first.
Now that she is muslim she can't stop being one according to that same law.
You can invalidate the civil marriage through civil law. But then start the problems.
Riddah (stop being muslim) is impossible.
Punishable with death.
So then she must flee for her life go undercover etc.