Cracks in the Party: Comunione e Liberazione Rebells Against Francis

Father Julian Carrón, the leader of Comunione e Liberazione (CL), a Catholic movement founded in Italy, was a blind follower of Benedict XVI, and then followed Francis with the same blindness.

But Francis didn’t return his love. First, he put the Memores Domini, CL’s consecrated members, under a commissioner. Then, on June 11, he limited the term of office of the leaders of ecclesial movements to 10 years. Carrón was elected in March 2005.

On September 16, Francis called all these leaders to a meeting, but neither Carrón nor Antonella Frongillo, the president of the Memores Domini, showed up although Cardinal Farrell had strongly intimated them to come. They only sent representatives.

Now, rumours circulate in Rome that Francis will take vengeance on CL and put them under a commissioner.

Picture: Father Julian Carrón © Comunione e Liberazione, #newsVhlmsheqfy

CL are conservative in V2 terms, so Francis could only hate them.
Dashiell Hunt
"Commission them"???? This makes no sense. You should have a native English speaker check your articles.
This seems relevant:…tion-of-communion-and-liberations-lay-association/

As no source for the translated report is given, my guess is that “commission“ means something like “set up a commission to investigate” Communione e Liberazione. But the translated source is what needs to be seen.
This appears to be the source. It’s in German: Risse in der Franziskus-Partei: Comunione e Liberazione rebelliert
One more comment from jimcat
That final sentence in German is:

“Nun kursieren in Rom Gerüchte, Franziskus werde sich an CL rächen und die Bewegung unter einen Kommissar stellen.”

In English:

“Now rumors are circulating in Rome that Francis will take revenge on CL and place the movement under a commissioner.”

Which makes perfect sense.
"vengeans..." GTV needs an editor. ;-)