Jeffrey Ade
As if these "officials" have anything to offer the future except their own demise! Sad arrogant fools waging their pitiful little fist like a spoiled toddler at God! And God so patient and loving sends His very own Mother to show us the true vision of our future! Our Lady of Fatima pray for us!
Hound of Heaven
If a democratically elected leader leading us into the thralldom of people who were never elected by anybody isn't a violation of the office they were elected to perform, I do not know what is. They should all either resign immediately or be arrested for treason against the countries and people who elected them.
Trenut Noueu
"democratically elected" - where?
"... the order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign ..." - all-powerful, all-mighty - they think they are God(s)?
Jeffrey Ade
But I love your term "thralldom." It is so apropos! It is a fait accompli, I imagine for this future!
Yes I imagine a future a one that is devoid of globalists like yourself. Setting the stage for the Anti-Christ is not something you can be proud of, but these devils are.
They talk about the future like they owns already ,they that lived a life of corruption to get money and power are the elite, we are the peasents the collateral damage ,But to God we are His children we are loved