Wilma Lopez
the school’s obsession with “Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity,” which he abbreviated simply as “DIE.”

‘A Stunningly Corrupt Enterprise’: Jordan Peterson Blasts Academia, Resigns As Tenured Professor …

Canadian psychologist and bestselling author Jordan Peterson announced that he is no longer a tenured professor at the University of Toronto. In an …
Minds like Jordan Peterson together with other man of good will ,lawyers scientists and simple people together ,can do a lot of good for humanity
Louis IX
A lot of people are starting to build what will become a very successful parallel society in contradiction to the marxist/materialist one. Peterson’s students need to found their own schools and colleges.
I have personally witnessed this in public academia. The goal is no longer to educate through a dialectic analysis of differing theoretical positions in which the individual students have the freedom to think things through but rather an indoctrination in modernist ant-classical theories. I hope things are different at conservative colleges.
Now you are free to fight for humanity