Adulator-Bishop: Amazon-Synod Is About Killing Priestly Celibacy

Spanish born Bishop Rafael Cob García, 67, of Puyo, Ecuador, calls the Amazon Synod already “historical” and expects it to abolish priestly celibacy, writes (September 16).

At a press conference, Cob spread the theory, proven wrong by historians, that the early Church "ordained married men." The truth: Only married men who, by mutual agreement, split up from their wives and lived separat lives, could become priests.

Cob believes that the [stupid] indigenous peoples "do not understand" celibate life, as if Christ had called only Westerners to abandon everything for his sake.

He admits that a married priesthood would be applied to the whole Church, not only to the Amazon, stressing that the Synod gathers in Rome and is for the entire Church.

Unashamed, Cob stages himself also as an adulator by hailing Pope Francis as a “prophet.”

Picture: Rafael Cob García © Pressefoto Bistum Eichstätt (pde), #newsEmgljqfnfp
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This synod is going to end very badly for the Church.
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