224. Welcome him as he is

Let’s ask ourselves, “Who would be on the point of wanting to come back or go to church?” Let’s go slowly, invite him, but leave him free. Whether he says yes or no, we’ll welcome his answer. We’ll continue to welcome him as he is. Either we’ll continue to pray for him, or we’ll pray for another person, since he will have accepted.

One day a person says that he has no connection with God even though he’s doing good. The answer was simple: “Yet you do what Jesus asks of you to watch every day on your two parents who are living their last passage to eternity.” He understood. Children do what God asks for when they take care of their parents. Parents do what God asks for when they take care of their children too.

Then remains to celebrate what God offers us for free by living Mass, listening to the Word and receiving the Eucharist. Everything we receive from God is perfect. When we share the good, beautiful, real and true, it comes from God.

Why not thank him by confessing our faults and receiving everything from him through the Eucharist and the Word?

Announce the Good News:
“Philip came to Azotus, and went about proclaiming the good news to all the towns until he reached Caesarea.” Acts, chapter 8, verse 40
He evangelizes.

A christian is someone who carries Jesus wherever he goes. All opportunities are good to witness, to know Jesus, to evangelize and to be in the mission.
Everywhere, in all places, we can pray for the people who are present, on the road, in the shops, in our meetings. The humble prayer of the heart is powerful.

Praying in our hearts for people we meet is very effective. And we leave it to Jesus to touch their hearts.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Let’s evangelize, Normand Thomas