The Pope's sports bar is at an altitude of 3,000 meters

Pope Francis' trip from Krakow to Rome was a chance to make the umpteenth unrestrained remark. Like a complete stranger sat in a sports bar, the pope exercised his religious ministry with a series of superficial, questionable or completely wrong statements. It seems impossible that the highest authority of Catholicism, one of the most important of Christianity, expresses this kind of beliefs as if he weren't burdened with real historical responsibilities towards the Church that he has been called to govern and his crowd of believers.
Let's see one of them: «...I would like to mention the Catholic violence, as we can see from newspapers and what is going on in Italy too...»

So His Holiness compares the sporadic (but frequent) acts of violence that happen in Italy because of passion, interest, rivalry or, more simply, the insanity of those involved – facts that wholly belong to the physiology of animal societies – to the hatred campaign organized in the name of the Koran by gangs of fanatics organized in the Middle and Far East, Maghreb, Europe and the United States.

According to Bergoglio, the worldwide phenomenon started with the 9/11/2001 hasn't Islamic men and women and Western victims as main protagonists and amounts to the normal conflicts of the societies we live in. His willingness to absolve bombers who are laying waste to portions, luckily limited, of Europe is absolute, so much so as to push him to distort reality: it's crazy. We are supposed to take the blame; Western, European and North American people who honor and worship the money God.

Crowds of hagiographers, alleged theologians, worshipers more or less in bad faith of the criminalization of our civilization have applauded these risky unproven and unprovable statements, these papal charges. The civilization that gave democracy to the world: the worst system except for all the others. We are speechless: the West is on the brink of the abyss of terrorism and xenophobia and Francis has nothing more to say that in Italy there are bloody events.
Holiness, count at least to 3 before speaking.
la verdad prevalece
May God remove away from our Church this punishment that look like all Egypts pests together. 🙏
Let's pray ,because God is still in charge ,and hope that the next Pope will do things right for his Church,and clear what's polluting it
GJA Taylor
Pope Francis, please retire to Argentina with haste.
Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us. Amen.