When 3% is 100%

In the U.S. it is :Planned :Parenthood who dominates the abortion industry. It was the Washington Post who correctly pointed out in August, 2015 that :Planned :Parenthood was up to no good when they contorted only 3% of their business was for abortion. WaPo explained :P :P got to this lie by weighing equally the "service" of a $1,500 abortion and a pregnancy test costing $10 at your local pharmacy.

The reality is simple: If :Planned-I want a Lamborghini-: Parenthood no longer had a profit motive they would not take their non-abortion expertise elsewhere.

Who hangs in the balance in this deception? Women, children, families.

Message to the world: Consider well who truly serves your mother, your sister, your cousin, your aunt, your friend, your neighbor, your manager, your co-worker, your employee.

Only 3% of services are abortions? They were correct in assuming that it mattered how they present the abortion motive. It matters.

Abortion is not without consequence to mothers. Pro-life centers (under threat of being vandalized and fire-bombed) outnumbered abortion centers 10 to 1, PRE Dobbs decision.

It's time to re-think abortion