To the people of Melbourne

Combatant people of Victoria,
running at random, hit and stabbed,
poor people of the lost euphoria,
deluded by fake weal and trapped.

Swept by new waves of modern trends,
dismantled by the house you've built,
this is how our false freedom ends,
weak human law - your broken shield.

Pushed from a fork to the blind turn
with rollers hired to squeeze and press,
where would you like now to return?
To muddy bed that bore the mess?

Become the watchmen in the night,
stand when there is no place to go,
although it's very dark outside
do not let gloom into your soul.

When you're enclosed just look afar,
look for the Truth that sets us free,
until you see the Morning Star,
the pure Star of Peaceful Sea.
catholics pray for Australia to be free again and come back to the Lord Jesus Christ .He is the Way the Truth and Life .