Will Abp Graubner defend Czech children?

Dear Archbishop Jan,

it is known from your public speeches that you advocated not only the orthodox teachings of the Church but also the family. Today, Czech children have found themselves in a very critical situation. On the one hand, their right to education is at stake and, what is worse, they are at risk of compulsory vaccination. You, as archbishop and chairman of the CBK (Czech Bishops’ Conference), have a moral obligation to stand at this moment as a true shepherd of Christ in defence of the rights of Czech children and their parents.

Surely you know that the lawyer J. Z. Hamplova has prepared a complex legal analysis of the regulation of the Ministry of Education on compulsory testing of minors. The regulation violates up to ten Czech laws, international conventions and the Charter of Human Rights! Even worse, the European Court of Justice has reached a groundbreaking and frightening verdict, which can really lead to the introduction of compulsory vaccination of all children and adults in the EU!

You yourself perceive that children who have fallen victim to evil transgressions of the law are powerless in this struggle, and this applies to every Christian. However, as a church authority, you are in a position to do something, and at the same time you are bound in conscience to lodge a clear protest with the Ministry of Education, specifically demanding that the constitutional right to education of all children should be fully respected. In no case can this right be made conditional on continuous testing. In addition, this testing has been fully condemned by real experts. This is not a question of health protection, but a violation of moral principles and an abuse of political power.

Several Czech parents have filed a lawsuit in the European Court over vaccines. They deserve to be honoured! But their efforts need the support of the moral authority of the Church. Therefore, take the second step and lodge a protest with the European Court of Justice. Moreover, ask the Vatican to intervene in this matter. Realize that you have a duty before God, the Church and the nation to speak out clearly in this critical situation, even at the cost of persecution. You will thus fulfil the role of a true shepherd of Christ. God is giving you this chance. If you lose it, you will be responsible for further illegal regulations of the Ministry which will already make children part of an experiment with a dangerous vaccine. Solid experts warn that the mRNA vaccine irreversibly alters the human genome, which is a crime against humanity. In addition, it is integrated into the process of chipping, which deprives a person of all freedoms. The vaccine contains tissue torn out from live unborn babies before their deliberate killing, and that is Satanism. This vaccine is also part of the genocidal reduction of humanity.

Dear Archbishop Jan, the life and salvation of many children, but also the salvation of your immortal soul, depends on your two decisive steps. God wants you to take these steps!

+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

13 April 2021

Note: As for the papal authority, if the Pope declares things that contradict the obvious truth and conscience, he must not be obeyed by anyone. This currently applies to Bergoglio’s criminal promotion of the mRNA vaccine. Moreover, every theologian knows that Francis Bergoglio has brought on himself an anathema – excommunication according to Gal 1:8-9 – for the heresies committed by him, and is therefore an invalid Pope.

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