Viganò Calls Francis "Spiritual Guarantor Of Globalism”

The USA is witnessing the realisation of a globalist plan which prepares a “world dictatorship” involving all nations, Archbishop Viganò told Katholisches.info (November 11).

He notices the collaboration of the media, humanitarian organisations, world finance and "even the Bergoglian church.” Trump is for Viganò a voice of dissent and “a strong obstacle,” Joe Biden's election an evident fraud.

For Viganò an “apocalyptic” scenario is unfolding but he doubts that this is "the final conflict, in which the Antichrist will seem to prevail and in which the Church and traditional society will be mercilessly persecuted.”

According to him it is “certain” that “Bergoglio has been chosen on a worldwide level as the spiritual guarantor of globalism.”

It seems to Viganò "that the work carried out thus far by the Argentine pope rightly deserves the applause of the Democrats and, more generally, of those who want to establish the New World Order.”


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