Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Power Broker, Has Died

Cardinal Angelo Sodano, 94, has died in Rome on May 27. Born in November 1927 in Isola d'Asti, Italy, he has been in poor health from various …
Rand Miller
Satanic prelate if there ever was one.
Dr Bobus
He was opposed to the election of BXVI
The road to hell is paved by the skulls of erring priests, with bishops as their signposts- St John Chrysostom
He also did his best to debunk the full Fatima message and was instrumental in introducing the fiasco of the Vatican document 'The Message of Fatima' in 2000. May God have mercy on his soul.
RIP Jesus Mercy on your soul. Warning to all other Clerics enemies of Holy Mother Church, life is short, repent.
Finally, Praise God has removed the monster!